Today I understood something, that some people is completely obssessed to ship Torahiko and Juuichi and so many artworks exist of this non-canon couple that people is starting to be kind of douchebags about it. To resume it, I made a random pic of Torahiko and Soutarou together just for fun (I'm an artist by the name Koruro) and somebody send me this message:

"hi there. nice to meet you. I will talking with you something. Becasue My friend search some pictures and found your pictures. and he said he don't like you drawing's about morenatsu's pictures. he said he only like Torahiko and Juuichi together's picture. so. I hope you will stop drawing Torahiko and other Character together or Juuichi and Other Character Together's picture. Because he said. you drawing is not good with Torahiko and Juuichi."

I hope people understand something, Torahiko and Juuichi are a highly non-canon and fandom couple. That's not meant to be douchebag against people, and I know how Furries can be. This fandom is known to be a Drama scenario.

All I can say is, if you're going to support a non-canon and fandom thingie, please, be tolerant what people believes. If you like it, good, nobody is arguing that. But you CAN'T force somebody to like it too, and you can't force somebody to do what you want just because you're defending a fandom or you other believes.

That's all.