I wanna address what's going on with the Revival project, and this is coming from all the remaining team members. 

We started this project around 2 years ago, and we acknowledge that we've been secretive and quite quiet about all that's going on, and we deeply apologize for that, we are aware that many of you might be dissapointed because we are being as hard to communicate as the original Dev team, and we are not even an official thing. Let's get to the point.

We suffered from many issues in the past, some being lil' discussions raging to big arguments, ergo, the communication and energy we originally had was gone, and most of the relationship we have with each other was also vanished, being Akhera our main source of communication within all of us. Due to this, the progress was incredibly slowed down, and by incredibly, I mean really really badly. To put things into perspective: Most of the creative side of the team felt no desire nor ideas to continue working. Mix that with mis-organization and tense relationships, and you've got why the lack of updates and information.

Among those intern issues, there were the public issues. Long story short, there's a bunch of people out there with the sole mission of bringing down this fan continuation and ask people to stop supporting us.

So what now?

Now, we are doing our best to pull things together. We're focusing on porting Morenatsu onto Ren'py and get that out of the list, to be more communicative, find a new platform, etc.

I know, again, most of you might feel dissapointed about all of this, but I want to remind you that we are people like all of you, who just took the idea of continuing what was left unfinished. We all have jobs, we all have colleges/schools and we all have our issues.

We hold dear all the people that have supported us these 2 years despite how secretive and uncommunicative we've been. We're deeply sorry for all of this, but please be patient. There's a lot to do.