So, here's just a short Q&A on Fanfiction and such.

Can I post pages on my OCs?

Yes you may, but, you must post them like the following 

[example only]

Fanon/Characters/Takato Kagura

Can I post pages of my fanfics?

Yes, we do not want pornographic depiction in fanfiction though.

[example only]

Fanon/Fanfiction/Little Red Riding Shun

What about roleplays?

This is still being tested, but in any case, yes you may! Roleplays must follow the natural rules, no godmodding and no powerplay, if the admins decide that the roleplay feature does not work, roleplays will be banned, so be responsible.

[example only]


Any further questions can go into the comments if you need to ask, I'll gladly answer.