Okay, just some notices.

I've done a bit of editing over the past hour and I have done the following.

  • Added all of the Biography Portraits for Tatsuki's Route Characters and for Kounosule's Route Characters, also, Gaku's has been added, too.
  • Created the pages for both Juuichi Mikazuki and Kounosuke Kuri, no further pages are required on the Main Character category.
  • Made Tappei and Chuukichi's pages.
  • Might make pages for Shigure, Tetsuya, Akira, Botan, Harue, Gaku and Yukiharu.

The pages I have added are currently stubs and it would be great if you guys expanded them, thanks!

Do you remember the ruby sky, the sky that we saw on that day? 10:44, March 8, 2013 (UTC)