SENTIVE is a Japanese company that offers free samples of music and CDs that can be bought.

It was created in 2002 as a entity formed by groups of musicians that had the intentions to share their music with no copyright infrigment involved, free-to-use and they aim to game-makers and music corporations.

Though, their corporation has the slogan "SENTIVE work behind the scene. No wanna stick out". They insist that they are an anonymous group and they will never say who is the boss or who is in charge, rather than that, they refer themselves as a society that tries to be sneaky and hidden within the internet. They joined the group Background, a group that offers anonymity.

The work "SENTIVE" comes from the mix of the English words "Sensitive" and "Active", which, as normal on Japan, are written with caps on.

Many of the melodies on the Visual Novel comes from this webpage.

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[1] - SENTIVE webpage.