Mitsuhisa Aotsuki Sprites Gallery
Mitsuhisa Aotsuki
Mitsuhisa Aotsuki
Gender: Male
Species: Dog(Husky)
Hair color:       Main
Eye color:       Unknown
Fur color:       Main
Personal Information
  Unmentioned work
Love Interests:
  Kazumi Aotsuki (Wife)
Kazumi Aotsuki
Kouya Aotsuki
Hiroyuki Nishimura (Son-in-law)*
Mitsuhisa Aotsuki (蒼月 光久, Aotsuki Mitsuhisa) is Kouya Aotsuki's father. He's married to Kazumi Aotsuki. Mitsuhisa has major importance on Kouya's life, and his strict life's philosophy incited his son into decisions he was not ready yet, causing him running away from home. He has short appearances in the game, what makes of him an under-explored character.


In the old days he worked at a major company. However, around the time Kouya was one year old, there were some business problems that lead to him being laid off. Due to his own mistakes and hardships, he wanted Kouya to go to a good school, find a job at a good company, and live a more structured kind of life. His strictness was a warped expression of his love.

He knew from the beginning that Kouya hated it, yet he still stayed strict for Kouya's sake. As Kouya kept showing his stubborn side, he pressed back with equal stubbornness. Both parent and child greatly resemble each other in their difficulty with being straightforward.

However, after watching that Kouya could be successful at performing music, he decided to put his ideals behind and trust on his son's efforts to become a professional musician.


With such a rigid morals and a strict sense, it caused Kouya believe he was being rejected by his father, which lead him to decide to form a band. Mitsuhisa is a very realistic person. His stern demeanor gave him the ability to grow professionally, although it has made him a man of few words. He is wise and takes his life decisions seriously, demanding the same from his son. However, Kouya's courage and determination won his acceptance which finally revealed his supportive side, confirming his father's care.


Mitsuhisa wears a white button down shirt with a pocket on the breast, a blue tie, and khaki pants with a black belt. Underneath his clothes, he wears purple briefs. He also wears glasses.

His fur looks very like Kouya's, with a blue-gray tone, but darker, on the outer area, and a gray tone on the inner parts. He has sideburns and goatee, with a hairy point on the middle of his chest and on his lower belly.

He was just shown in the game wearing his work clothes, what gives him a busy and respectful aspect.


  • Before Juuichi Mikazuki's and Shin Kuroi's story patch, he didn't have a physical form, instead, he was an invisible character just like mothers.
  • He is the only character who doesn't have "normal" emotion sprite, instead it's called "confident". Also, there are underwear versions of his sprites in game resources, but they are not used.