Jun Nekonishi Sprites Gallery
Jun Nekonishi
Gender: Male
Species: Cat (Calico)
Hair color:       -
Eye color:       Blue
Fur color:       Primary
Personal Information
  Band Member


  Yuuki Torii

Jun Nekonishi

Kouya Aotsuki

Hiroyuki Nishimura

Yuuki Torii (Band Member)

Jun Nekonishi (Band Member) Kouya Aotsuki (Band Member) Hiroyuki Nishimura (Band Member)

Jun Nekonishi (猫西 閏, Nekonishi Jun) is one of Kouya Aotsuki's true friends and the bassist of Kouya's band. He's a quiet cat that rarely talks.


The past of Jun is unknown; though he met the band after Kouya and Keisuke began searching for new members. Jun was the last to join, as he liked the idea of being a bassist.

During the course of the game he rarely speaks and when he does, is normally to make fun about something. The moment that he talks the most is when Kouya runs out of the studio, followed by Hiroyuki after he couldn't hold back his tears; fearing to be separated from the band. After Keisuke made a comment about Jun's speech, he rapidly stays silence with a noticeable blush.


Jun is extremely quiet, normally nodding or making a bow to greet people instead of opening his mouth. He's a bit shy and indifferent about many topics. However, he truly cares about his friends and actually reflects about all the topics around him before saying a word. Despite his thoughtfulness, he blushes when someone notices this.


Jun wears a slightly open sleeveless jacket, a marine tag on his neck along with a necklace that contains a series of pearl-likes jewels, black pants and red underwear.

Physically, Jun is skinny, his pattern is similar to a Calico Cat. His fur is mainly light-brown fur with a beige zone that covers the muzzle and the chest, also some black dots around his body and blue eyes, his fur is fuzzy, like Kouya's fur.


  • When Sippo Abasiri originally created the character designs for Kouya and his bandmates, the band had a cat member, but his name was Seiji Haruna and his fur was white.