Chuukichi Mori Sprites Gallery
Chuukichi Mori
Gender: Male
Species: Mouse
Age: 16
Hair color:       -
Eye color:       Brown
Fur color:       -
Personal Information
  Tatsuki Midoriya

Tappei Midoriya

Tetsuya Inoue

Akira Nikaidou

Hiroyuki Nishimura

Love Interests:
  Tappei Midoriya*

Hiroyuki Nishimura*

Chuukichi Mori (森 忠吉 Mori Chuukichi) is one of Tatsuki Midoriya's co-workers on the company that his family owns. He's a softhearted, daydreamer, loyal and enthusiastic mouse. He's often hit by Tappei Midoriya for many different reasons, normally because he's daydreaming, normally getting too close to people or whispering in people's ear, despite this, he knows how to do his job and never loses his spirit and energy. He is 16 years old.


Not much is known about Chuukichi's past, but it is mentioned that he was quite a rough character until a life changing event occurred, which caused him to become the soft-hearted mouse he is now. He works at Midoriya's Carpentry Company along with Tetsuya Inoue and Akira Nikaidou.


Chuukichi is very soft hearted, always trying to win Hiroyuki's friendship and give advice when it's needed. He tends to daydream and fantasise a lot about people he admires, always suspecting and imagining them in relationships with each other.

He can be quite flirty too, getting close to the protagonist and being very suggestive, but unfortunately for Chuukichi it ends badly, often ending with him getting hit in the face by Tappei or Tatsuki, but it seems that he is used to this.


Chukichi 1 1 01

Chuukichi's Body

Chuukichi is never seen in casual clothes despite his work outfit that consists of a black sleeveless T-shirt, brown pants that are larger than the black belt on it and a white bandana on his head, his footwear is unknown but in a few sprites we can see he wears brown/black socks.

He's thin, but his pectorals are quite noticable. His arms are quite muscular for his body type. He has black eyebrows, yellow eyes and large black whiskers.


  • Chuukichi's in-game profile contains a counter of how many times he is hit.
  • In an non-canon alternate ending in Tatsuki's path, Chuukichi transforms into a 50 foot tall demon that Hiroyuki must defeat.
  • Chuukichi possesses two unused KO sprites, one wearing underwear, the other being barechested.
  • At the festival ring-toss game in Tatsuki's route, an option allows you to repeatedly hit Chuukichi, eventually punching off his clothing. Every hit adds to the times hit count.
  • Chuukichi is one of the characters who has a lot of sprites: 16 to be precise plus unused ones. He's actually third only to Shun (23 sprites!) and Juuichi (19 sprites!), thus, he has more sprites than most main characters!
  • It's implied that Chuukichi is a masochist. In the festival easter egg after hitting him enough times he'll cry out in pleasure.