Akira Nikaidou (二階堂 明 Nikaidou Akira) is a 20-year-old horse. He's a member of Midoriya Group, working for Tappei Midoriya. The other workers don't understand the theories behind his job the way he does, but when he talks about the data and mechanics of construction he gets Tappei's fist. His frankness doesn't mean that he is conceited, but it often leads to misunderstandings. His fellow workers think that he and Tatsuki Midoriya make good rivals.


He is the son of a famous architect. Due their troubled relationship, he rebelled against his father when he was 17, left home, and joined the Midoriya Group. Because of this, he is trying to build a relationship with Tatsuki and Tappei. Incidentally, he doesn't like talking to them about running away from home. He is an apprentice as much as Chuukichi Mori, and because of that, they don't wear the group's blue jacket. Akira is respectful with Tappei and get along well with the others members, except Tatsuki, who are always fighting with.


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  • Midoriya Group's Workshop
Due his problems with his father, Akira developed a restrained comportment, lacking some relationships characteristics. This way, he doesn't have many friends, and is somewhat aggressive and impolite with new acquaintances. Although, it's only his defensive way to not show his true feelings. He demonstrates coldness in his reactions, but deep down he truly cares about the people around him.

He is a bit jealous of Tatsuki, because of his family's support and his skills, so he usually says sharp things, what ends up in fights. But even being rivals, they are also friends.



Akira's Body

Akira wears a beige waistcoat over a sleeveless white shirt, a dark gray pants and a white wrist guard on his right arm. His underwear is blue.

His body is slim with a medium height, and it's possible to notice few developing muscles. Akira's fur is light brown and cover all his body, with a contrasting white spot between his eyes. He has a long hair, in a different shade of brown, and a hairy spot in the middle of his chest on the same color. His eyes are green.